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We are delighted to announce the launch of our campaign to construct 540 Masajids.
Embark upon a journey to construct a magnificent Masjid. We offer you the opportunity to play a vital role in this endeavor based on your willingness to contribute.
Faizan E Quran Masjid
Elevating Communities, Crafting Legacies: UK Building Projects Campaign

We are delighted to launch our UK Building Projects Campaign, a powerful initiative by Dawat-e-Islami to enrich communities across the UK. Through this campaign, we aspire to create the essential infrastructure that will serve as epicentres of spiritual growth, learning, and compassion, that will empower lives and nurture a brighter future. Your support is the driving force behind our aspirations, and together we can build a legacy of Islamic prosperity for generations to come.  Be part of this noble cause and make a difference today. These projects include:

Nuneaton , Afzal bhai
Faizan-e-Madina - Nueneaton Project
Air Conditioning - 2 Units
Carpet Underlay & Fitting
Central Heating - New Boiler & Radiators Sisters
Demolition Of Internal Structures
Doors And Frames - Wudu Area
Double Doors
Fire Doors And Frames
Kitchen Units
Led Lights 600 X 600 6 Pack
Men's Wudu - Labour
Mimber Shareef
Office Screens
Outside Signage
Partition Wall
Rewiring Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting
Shoe Racks
Sister's Wudu - Labour
Storage Cupboards Built In
Tiles / Grout / Toilets / Taps
Upstairs Kitchen And Bathroom
Washing Machine
White Boards

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