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Madani Qafila

By the grace of Allah and the efforts of Ameer-e-Ahle-Sunnat (founder of Dawat-e-Islami) Madani Qafilas (Spiritual Retreats) from the Midlands region travel all over the UK and internationally to various Masjids. Many Islamic brothers travel from town to town, city to city and even country to country for 3, 12, 30 days, and even for 12 months in order to spread religious knowledge, Sunnah and call people towards righteousness.

During the Madani Qafilas, Islamic brothers stay in the masjid and many activities are scheduled, including learning Sunnah’s, rectifying our Salah, learning Dua’s, going on area visits to call people towards righteousness, and many other activities.

By the blessings of Madani Qafilas, one gets the opportunity to learn religious knowledge, become steadfast in five daily Salah and Nawafil, in addition to this, one gains the reward for traveling to gain religious knowledge.

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