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Climate change and deforestation are intricately linked, demonstrating a reciprocal relationship. Deforestation emerges as a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, which plays a pivotal role in driving climate change.

Recent times have witnessed the distressing consequences of climate change, with one significant factor being the alarming rate of annual deforestation. According to research findings from a report, over 15 billion trees is estimated to be chopped down each year.

Importance of Trees

Trees play a fundamental role in combatting climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They contribute to temperature regulation, soil erosion prevention, and the creation of habitats for diverse species. Moreover, trees improve air and water quality, fostering healthier and more sustainable surroundings.

Dawat-E-Islami’s Campaign
In line with these environmental benefits and inspired by the teachings   . Dawat-e-Islami has undertaken a global initiative to plant millions of trees across various countries, including the United Kingdom. The motivation behind this campaign stems from the recognition that planting trees aligns with the Sunnah (practice) of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Sayings of the Holy Prophet ﷺ
The Muslim who plants a tree or cultivates a crop, for every bird and human that eats from it, it will count as Sadaqah for him. (Muslim, Raqm 1553, p. 840) Everything that a Muslim plants and then a human, animal or bird eats from it, it will become Sadaqah for him till the Day of Judgement. (Muslim, Raqm 1882, p. 839) Whosoever planted a tree and then bore patiently upon preserving it and taking care of it, until it began to bear fruit, then every fruit that is eaten from it will be Sadaqah for him before Allah Almighty. (Musnad Imam Ahmad, vol. 5, p. 574, Hadith 16586) Whosoever built a house without any oppression or cruelty, or planted a tree without any oppression or cruelty, he will continue to gain reward for as long as someone from the creation of Allah Almighty benefits from it. (Musnad Imam Ahmad, vol. 5, p. 309, Hadith 15616)

From an Islamic perspective, planting trees is considered an act of sadaqah (charity) that continues to yield rewards even after one’s passing. By combining the environmental benefits with the religious significance, Dawat-e-Islami’s tree planting campaign aims to inspire active participation.

Dawat-E-Islami’s Campaign

The campaign’s slogan, “Plant a sample, grow a tree,” has been devised to emphasize the importance of nurturing and tending to the planted trees, ensuring their growth into mature, thriving specimens. It serves as a reminder that the process of tree planting entails ongoing care and dedication, rather than solely planting and abandoning them. Dawat-e-Islami’s goal is not only to initiate tree planting but to encourage individuals to nurture and safeguard the planted trees, witnessing their transformation from a mere sapling into a flourishing tree.

Current Progress

So far over 3+ MILLION trees have been planted by Dawat-E-Islami worldwide.

Education regarding tree plantation

Dawat-e-Islami has undertaken an extensive initiative to promote tree plantation by publishing informative literature in multiple languages. This literature encompasses the crucial aspects of tree plantation, including the rationale behind its significance, guidelines on proper tree planting techniques, and inspiring quotes from the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ emphasizing the importance of this noble act.

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