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Do you want to know more about Islam?

Do you need support with:

  • Learning Islamic knowledge?
  • Changing lifestyle/transition?
  • Mixing with the wider Muslim community and much more?

Our aim is to support individuals with their new journey from the initial stage of excepting Islam, known as the Testimony of Faith ‘Shahadah’.  We provide educational, spiritual, and social mentoring to develop an active and confident new member of the Islamic community.

Our education department has classes to best fit your learning outcomes from fundamentals to advanced learning. We can provide you with classes in the primary Madani Qaidah, where you can learn to read the Quran. Lessons on ritual purity (Wudu) and the 5 daily prayers (Salah) and all provided online, or at one of our centres, either within a group setting or a tailored personal one-to-one approach whichever is best suited to your needs and schedule.

Feedback from the Course:

"I have completed my primary Madani Qaidah and currently now learning to recite the entire Quran, from an experienced teacher.”

- Adam from Birmingham.

 Our one-to-one mentoring scheme is a personal way to help our new members of the community make an easy and smooth transition into Islam. The advice and guidance provided by our New Muslim/Revert team, who have been within the fold of Islam for many years are vital in supporting New Muslim/Reverts with their social, emotional, educational, and spiritual growth and development. For more information, please contact us.

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